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Newsletter - January 2024

Happy New Year and welcome 2024!

We have some very exciting things happening in January already.  Diane has been asked to present at Dulwich Cranbrook's Health & Wellness week, teaching children about sound and wellness, and our diary nearly fully booked already.  So if you were thinking about booking a session, book in sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment!

As we mentioned in December, we have now launched a new service!

  • On Monday 5th February, we will be starting 'Meditation Monday'.  

  • Between 8.45am and 9am every Monday, we will be live on Zoom, holding a short mindfulness meditation, to get your week started the right way.

  • If you wish to register, click here and enter 'Meditation Monday' in the subject heading of your email, and we will do the rest!


Save the date!  

On Monday 25th March we will be holding our first wellness day of 2024, combining the benefits of sound and a healthy mind & body, as we spring into April.  So, save the date and more details will follow next month.


Product of the Month

Every month we select a product or theme of choice to talk about, depending on what we have been helping our clients with, in the previous month.  

Following on from the Menopause workshop in December and with New Year's resolutions, we have talking to clients about motabilism. 

Our clients have been using METApwr oils and supplements to boost their metabolism, manage sugar levels and use it as part of a weight loss programme as well.  

Your Metabolism is the combination of all the chemical processes that allows you to sustain life. This includes converting energy from food into energy for life, helping you sustain everday tasks such as breathing, circulating blood, building and repairing cells, digesting food, and eliminating waste.  Wether you have a lazy metabolism that needs a boost or you are struggling with weight loss through menopuase, we can help. METApwr may help to boost your Metabolism by supporting a healthy glucose level and helping to balance your collagen levels.  These convenient capsules & oils can provide the added support you need to help you reach your dietary goals.

Watch this short video to find out more about this amazing product - click here

To find out which supplement is right for you and your lifestyle, click here to contact us and one of the team will assist you further.


As always, we have an offer for you!

To thank you for your support into 2024, we have a New Year offer for you.  When you purchase anything from the METApwr range, we will give you a 5ml sample bottle of either Wild Orange, Deep Blue or Balance essential oil, as a thank you.

Our oils are all food grade too, so they are completely safe to be inhaled and/or absorbed into the skin, unlike every other brand in the world.


So, it leaves us to say Happy New Year and we look forward to helping you heal from the inside & out in 2024!

The team at Harmony in Sound

Visit our website to find out more about our Product and Services.

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