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Newsletter - December 2023

Updated: Jan 4

Thank you for your custom in 2023.

We thought we would start the December newsletter with our Seasonal opening hours. Outside of these dates, are opening hours will remain as per usual

Product of the Month

  • Every month we select a couple of products of choice to talk about, depending on what we have been helping our clients with, in the previous month.

  • November saw a theme of helping clients with 'sleep issues', prevention of 'common bugs & colds' and 'menopause'.

  • As Diane talked in detail about menopause at her online event on Wednesday, we have selected to talk about 'sleep'. If you want to find out about prevention of 'common bugs & colds', click here to contact us


  • Sleep is vitally important on so many levels, for our immune system, recovery, and general health & wellness. It boosts productivity, concentration, and emotions.

  • We have all had that late night, burning the candle at both ends, either through work or play. In the morning we have all felt the headaches and/or cloudy thoughts from a sleepless night or lack of sleep.

  • Every part of thinking is affected due to the body not having enough time to repair itself and process all the input from the previous day.

  • Research suggests that one night of reduced sleep can cause up to 36% more errors in tasks and affect you as much as alcohol intoxication.

Mental Health

  • Mental health issues are also strongly associated with reduced sleep.

  • There are numerous opinions over the correlation or causation between the two factors, however people that suffer with sleep disruption report far higher levels of anxiety and depression. It is important to note that lack of sleep impacts your motivation and ability to interact well socially.

  • Generally, people are too busy, and sadly more are working second jobs to help with the cost-of-living crisis, we are seeing an increasing number of people that either cannot sleep, have interrupted sleep or sleep for just a few hours a night.

There is a fabulous inexpensive oil that can help with this, and it's good old Lavendar.

Lavendar has other important qualities, like easing skin irritation & healing wounds, and you can even use it on animals with the right dilution. However, it is best known for relaxation.


2 small drops of Lavendar in your palm, deeply inhaled sends signals to the brain to tell it 'it's time to rest now'.


If you have a night when all the day’s activities are still buzzing around in your mind and your brain can't rest, inhale Lavendar to help you sleep.


You can infuse the oil in your room, and you can also make your own non-toxic pillow spray in about 3 minutes! click here to find out more!

We have an offer for you!

So to help the world sleep better, and to thank you for your support in 2023, we have an end of year offer for you. If you buy 1 x bottle of 15ml Lavendar, we will give you a 5ml sample bottle of either Wild Orange, Deep Blue or Balance essential oil.

  • Wild Orange can be used to infuse your drinking water to make it tastier, and you can inhale it in the same way as the Lavendar to pick you up from your mid-afternoon slump. We use this oil at the end of our sound baths to bring clients back into the room.

  • Deep Blue is a muscle relaxer and is great for post workouts to be mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed directly on the area of concern.

  • Balance is a hormone balancing oil that can use to calm your mood and for the ladies, around your cycle week too.

***Our oils are all food grade too, so they are completely safe to be inhaled and/or absorbed into the skin, unlike every other brand in the world***

If you wish to take advantage of the free sample oil, click here and 'enter your preferred free sample bottle' in the subject heading of your email, and we will do the rest!

Note: This offer is dependent on stock levels at the time of ordering.

A New Year brings a New Service!

  • In January we are launching Meditation Monday.

  • Every Monday we are offering a 15-minute guided meditation online to kick start your week with the right mindset.

  • The subscription is usually £8 per month. However, if you sign-up during the month of December 2023, your membership will be fixed at just £5 per month for 12 months (just £1.25 per week), saving you a total of £36.

  • So get in quick to secure your place. click here and enter 'Meditation Monday' in the subject heading of your email, and we will do the rest!

So, it leaves us to say once again, thank you for your support in 2023 and we look forward to helping you heal from the inside out in 2024!

The team at Harmony in Sound

Visit our website to find out more about our Product and Services.

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