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Helping you heal yourself from the inside out

Tuning Forks

Everything in our universe is information and energy, which vibrates at specific frequencies and disturbance leads to dis-ease of the body.

The Tuning Forks with its precisely tuned vibrations change the magnetic field in an amazing way, which is noticeable right after use, as it brings the cells and fields back into alignment; immediate mood improvement, vibration and energy increase, pain disappearance, organs, chakras, and cells condition balanced and oxygenated.

Tuning forks sessions are tailored to your body’s needs.

We offer, pain relief, balancing and boosting your chakras, reduce body weight, improving work of your nervous, digestive, circulatory system, awakening of kundalini, anticancer support, and more. This is our collection.

We currently use; 

- C 256Hz & G 384Hz - The perfect Fifth combo, for a lazy man's meditation and complete nero-shutdown.

- Om 136.1Hz tuning fork is used to provide relaxation through meditation. Not only does the frequency cause relaxation, but it also reduces stress and it’s also suggested to create relief from joint stiffness and muscle soreness. The frequency 136.1Hz is used to tune Indian temple music and is said to be the frequency of Earth.

- 111Hz tuning fork provides long and enduring notes. The 111Hz tuning fork is also known as the cell rejuvenation tuning fork.  The dynamic 111Hz tuning fork is also used to relieve stress and to lift the mood of the user, as the frequency is advocated to increase the production of endorphins.

- 528Hz tuning fork is one of the Solfeggio frequencies and is suggested to have several uses, one being that it is the frequency of love, and another is the frequency for DNA repair.

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