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Helping you heal yourself from the inside out


Native American flutes are an evolution of sound shaped over the past 3,000 years. In North America, one of the oldest flutes is the Anasazi flute of the American Southwest.  As history unfolded, flutes became known in many Native American tribal cultures, from elderberry flutes of the Penobscot tribes in Maine to the courtship flutes of the Great Plains, many distinct sounds emerged. Flutes were made by hand, and each flute had a unique tuning that depended upon the size of a flute maker’s hands and forearms.


The Native American flute has been refined into a standardised instrument with many healing benefits. Most flutes are now tuned to the minor pentatonic scale of 430Hz or 432hz. Ours is 432Hz.

Our beautiful handmade, Native American style flute is used for both meditation and is a powerful tool.  At the end of a sound healing session, the flute can be a wonderful way to re-energise clients, creating a cheerful melody to slowly increase their awareness.


Diane, our lead therapist, sought out a particular Flute maker for our flutes, so all our flutes have a story of their very own. Each flute is tuned to a particular note.

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